Course: Invention Design 4. Semester
Project: artis
added value: reduce stress, save resources, save time
Group: with Niko Mang, Noah Mantel
my focus : Prototyping, 3D Animation, Modeling
my responsibility: Planning, Collaboration


In this scenario, we began our project by conducting research on emerging technologies and considering the opportunities that these technologies will provide for us as designers. Finally, we decided to combine two new technologies to build a new system that saves time and effort on the construction site. Due to the animated deliverable, this project required detailed planning and learning of new tools


The use of BIM is becoming increasingly relevant in the construction industry.
BIM can be used to accelerate planning steps, simulate construction processes and identify collisions. In our research, however, we were able to work out that especially those carrying out construction work often have no or only very limited possibilities to access the BIM planning status and thus cannot yet participate in the technological progress.


For our project we use a symbiosis of augmented reality cloud technologies and Building Information Modeling.
The AR Cloud is, in summary, a digital copy of the real world, which is placed as a layer over the real world.
A true-to-scale and true-to-detail, millimeter-precise virtual space in real space, so to speak.
The term Building Information Modeling (BIM for short) describes a working method for the networked planning, construction and management of buildings and other structures with the aid of software. All relevant building data is digitally modeled, combined and recorded.Translated with