zigzag: Digital Produkt Design & Development agency
Projects: Transportation (Design), Finance (Design), Logistic Dashboard (Development), Child Development (Design)
Added value: Low complex interactions for complex systems, Acessibility, Sustainability
Group: with Maximilian Becht and Tara Monheim
my focus : Research, UI Design, UX
responsibility: Preparing meetings, UI Design, Architecture, Research

My Work

At zigzag, I had a lot of freedom during my internship to test out new technologies or drive internal projects forward. I designed and coded my first interface for an internal lunch app to create better transparency and filter functions such as whether you can bring reusable boxes, whether there are vegan/vegetarian options or card payment, so that the office can make the lunch break more sustainable.  After that I designed and coded my first interface for a pharmacy inventory management system. I am now working on more complex client projects for public transport and financial systems where accessibility is the focus.